November 13, 2007

End of the Innocence...

Dad rock.


polchic said...

does that mean you like it?

Jahidi Hoya said...

Now let's not all think that Don Henley is soft. This may be the most 'rock 'n roll' thing I have ever seen:


Don Henley’s enthusiasm for extracurricular activities would make him something of a Hollywood legend. (He would subsequently feature in the book You'll Never Make Love In This Town Again, in the arresting account by a former 'girlfriend' of a soiree at Henley's home enlivened by the presence of five prostitutes, a sex-aid and immoderate amounts of the principal national export of Colombia.)

Shortly after the Eagles' final concert, Henley threw another party at his Hollywood home. In the early hours police arrived to discover a 16-year-old girl suffering from a drug overdose.

Henley was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, cocaine and Quaaludes, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was fined, put on two years' probation and ordered to attend drug counseling.

'I had no idea how old she was and I had no idea she was doing that many drugs,' Henley later explained. 'I didn't have sex with her: Yes, she was a hooker. Yes, I called a madam. Yes, there were roadies and guys at my house.

'We were having a farewell to the Eagles.'

Ancient Scientist said...

polchic, I'm a *cool* dad (ahem).

Besides, my baby's taste tends towards 1980's reggae, so it's clear that I have a leg up on her.