February 8, 2008

Odelay's Lyrics Were Nonsense...Impossible!

So Beck has finally admitted that Odelay's lyrics were "utter nonsense". We all suspected it; we all probably even wished it were true. Now if only Michael Stipe would admit the same thing. Or Bob Dylan. Or (posthusmously) John Lennon. Or Stephen Malkmus. Or Ghostface Killah. Or (posthusmously) Arthur Lee. Or (posthusmously???) Jim Morrison. Or George Clinton. This list could go on on and on and on. Let's make it so!

Who is your favorite nonsense rock/rap/r&b lyricist and who should should be added to the above list?

Just hit the old comment button and put in your two cents.


polchic said...

Billy Corgan - he can't really be serious, can he?

David Byrne (Talking Heads era) - love him, don't understand him.

Robbie Williams - I am just waiting for the Jahidi smack down....

polchic said...

But Byrne is my favorite.

Eurowags said...

Ghostface's mumblings are rather amusing and come of as sounding pretty cool. I sort of like the stream-of-consciousness thing in rap, although it can get a bit tiring at times.

Bowie can be hard to get, precisely because he has traditionally used a cut and paste method of composing lyrics.