October 16, 2007

Double Nickels Killed My mp3 Player

Broken mp3Double Nickels on the Dime broke my mp3 player. That's my theory. All I know is that the LCD screen is now all white and it doesn't play the songs I want.

It was working fine before I uploaded Double Nickels and its endless litany of songs. But I uploaded anyway. Then I put the little machine on shuffle and guess what. Every other song was by the Minutemen. I guess the odds were good.

This wasn't a match made in heaven. It didn't matter how much I liked or disliked the album it was going to take over the shuffle. Bust my grove, change my mood, seep into my mind, and then, right when I might just be getting into a song, it would end. Just like that. End. And I would be back to something more, um, familiar.

Double Nickels was never meant to be listened in mp3 format. Heck, the CD release came in 1987 three years after the vinyl had been released and two years after the band's tragic end. The music was never supposed to be shuffled or disposable. It was Important and Defiant and Urgent and Necessary. To this day the album still hasn't received a proper CD release (one that includes all the vinyl's songs) and the prospects don't look great.

No, Double Nickels seems fixed in the past and fixed in its Reagan-era, cassette listening, 55 miles-per-hour speed limit milieu. Music doesn't sound like this anymore, it doesn't feel like this anymore, and it doesn't act like this anymore. The low budget, badge-of-honor-just-to-get-it-to-run first-generation Volkwagen Beetle Mike Watt drives on the cover is now dead replaced by the $17,000 girl-car New Beetle. mp3 player standard.


LenBarker said...

That reminds me of the time when I made the faux pas of putting some Floyd in a disc changer and hitting "Random". A guest at my shindig set me straight as soon as he realized what was happening, and I never tried it again. Some of these albums require their proper context, and I'm thinking I need to grab DNotD on vinyl one of these days, too.

venerableseed said...

I bought the vinyl direct from SST not so long ago (1997?) with a paper catalog, a hand-written filled-out form, a stamp, and a check. Now it's a lot easier. My my my my how things have changed.

here's the current link:

venerableseed said...

the link cut off at the end there.

it ends SST028-LP2X

polchic said...

Argh! I was hit by the Double Nickels curse today at the gym. Song I like. Fast forward MM song. Song I like. FF MM song....