October 9, 2007

OK Computer

OK Computer, Radiohead, Rolling Stone Magazine's #162

exile staff consensus: Top 50 album

the breakdown:
5.0 cannons - lenbarker
4.5 cannons - angryyoungman, venerableseed and eurowags
4.0 cannons - polchic

the essays:
Me: Hysterical and Useless. Is there ever a time to say no?
LB: Kicking Screaming Raving Drooling. Is Radiohead our Pink Floyd?
Dave#1: OK Krupka. How does obsessive fandom (see first article) affect those who just don't get it. Let's just hope he changed her name to protect the innocent.
AYM: Exit Music (for a Dodge Neon). Technological angst revealed.
Wags: Out With the Old. Read how OK Computer opened up a new world.
Gab: This is What You'll Get. Understanding what it means.

Who doesn't own this album? It's one of the defining LP's of our generation, it's ubiquitous in Greatest Albums of All Time lists and immediately recognized as brilliant and ahead of its time. But what about the stunning, meaningful, apocalyptic, complex, baroque, moving, abstract but wholly relate-able music. Can you listen to it 10 years later for enjoyment? Could you ever? Let's see...


Jahidi Hoya said...

Who doesn't own this album?

I don't.

When "OK Computer" came out I was splitting my time between West Coast rap and Jimmy Buffett. I heard a lot about Radiohead at the time and it was impossible to avoid a glowing review or recommendation of the album. I decided to hold off on it as the commotion reminded me of an art house movie. You know, the type of movie where everybody has to talk about how good it is or risk feeling alienated by their friends at Starbucks.

I ultimately cracked in 2000 when I bought “Kid A” the day it came out. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I thought the album was so awful that I never once listened to it again.

I will try and track down a copy of “OK Computer” and give it a spin. If I enjoy the album I will always be upset that I missed the opportunity to hang out at Starbucks and discuss the album with my friends.

venerableseed said...

You drinking coffee is a really funny image to me. What is it exactly that you would order at Starbucks? I'm guessing a Venti Peppermint Java Chip Frappuccino Blended Coffee®. Am I close?

Jahidi Hoya said...

You caught me. I have actually only stepped foot inside a Starbucks four times in my life. I only got a beverage three times - a large hot chocolate (no whipped cream).

The only time I ever had a sip of coffee was when I was 17 years old and lied about my love of coffee in order to take part in a market research survey and get paid $75. I suppose it is quite ironic that I am now in the market research industry.

Michael said...

actually Gr...er, Jahidi, I think you would really like OK Computer. It's a lot different than Kid A, and, while ambitious and a little bit pretentious, it's more of a big budget movie from a high profile director than an art house film. It would have definitely won the 1997 Best Picture Oscar. More Pulp Fiction than The Thin Red Line.